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    Diploma & Certificate Framing

    Diplomas are symbols of dedication and education, which can be framed to suit your style and personality while still giving them the proper level of importance. Unique touches may include adding your tassel, class ring or photos of the presentation ceremony.

  • double-sided frame 1 double-sided frame 2 double-sided frame 3

    Double-Glass or Double-Sided Framing

    Framed with glass on both sides instead of a traditional foam & paper backing, allowing the viewer to see both sides of the document. Also creates the illusion of floating in space.
    Double-sided frames also work for table-top display; we just add feet instead of easel backs!

  • memorabilia 1 memorabilia 2 memorabilia 3

    Autographed Objects & Memorabilia

    Souvenirs are keepsakes from special events (see also "Collages,") but you can't always fit them in a drugstore frame. Trust us, we've tried; you can't fit cowboy boots into anything off-the-rack. We can design a way to display your prized keepsakes so that you not only see those boots, but you can show everyone who used to walk in them!

  • instruments 1 instruments 2 instruments 3

    Musical Instrument Displays

    Whether it's an autographed guitar from your favorite band or your daughter's first violin, we can showcase your prized musical instruments, be they strings, horns or percussion, safely and non-destructively. Include photos or sheet music for a more personal touch.

  • jersey 1 jersey 2 jersey 3

    Sports Jerseys

    We're from Boston, but please don't let that stop you from bringing in your Yankees jerseys. We understand the importance of team loyalty and player pride. We take care in mounting all apparel, using the finest of stitches to ensure it looks natural, holds its shape, and can be removed without harming the garment in any way.

  • shadowbox 1 shadowbox 2 shadowbox 3 shadowbox 3

    Shadowbox & Diorama Framing

    Three-dimensional artwork comes in many forms, and we can help you display it all. Whether it is a papier-mache mask, a collection of miniatures or a simple souvenir of your trip to Sonoma, we can give it the proper environment to help it tell its tale.

  • collage 1 collage 2 collage 3

    Photo, Souvenir & Object Collages

    Photo collages tell stories about parties, vacations, projects, or even lifetimes. Souvenirs from the same time period can be added to the collage to add historical authenticity, or just to make you feel more like you're there.

  • game board 1 game board 2

    Game Boards & Scorecards

    Remember that epic five-day game of Risk from last winter? The time you finally beat your next-door neighbor at Bridge? Or do you just have fond memories of playing board games with your family? Bring us your favorite game, and we'll help you set up the board and display it in mid-action. We can even include snacks (non-perishables only, please.)

  • monitor 1 monitor 2 monitor 3

    Television & Computer Screen Framing

    Even before flat-screen televisions became common, the TV has been a centerpiece of most living & family rooms. Likewise, the computer is an appliance which gets a lot of attention. Make it a part of your home with a TV/ Monitor frame. Using precise measurements of your model of TV or monitor, we design a frame which attaches with non-destructive, semi-permanent brackets which will only move when you want to change the frame!

  • misc 1 misc 2 misc 3

    Additional Ideas & Possibilities

    If you have any other items you want to showcase or display, talk to us for a custom design. Frames that double as furniture, or mats made from your childhood security blanket, who knows? The only real limit is imagination!