Custom Framing Services

  • Why Frame With Us?

    In a word, Quality!

    Custom framing represents a very personal relationship between you and your art. A picture framer’s job is to preserve, highlight and enhance your artwork with expert care and attention to detail.

    We believe that not all frames and framing stores are created equally. Some are chain stores, some use inferior materials and many have poorly trained staff. We don't believe you should have to experience that!.

    We make sure your experience is the best from the start. We start by giving you over 41 years of exceptional advice on designing your framing project and follow that up with unmatched quality workmanship that will last generations. We do it right the first time!

    To us framing is more than just a job, it is our passion!

  • Our Commitment to You

    It is not about just making a sale today. We want to build a long lasting relationship with you. By getting to know you, we can consistently give you the best possible service and products tailored specifically for you. We have a warm friendly atmosphere that customers love coming to over and over again. The owner, Kurt Neumann, has built such a strong relationship with so many customers that he is constantly invited to their homes so he can see how beautiful the finished works looks hanging up.

    Our highly trained experts will offer advice and work with you to create the perfect combination for you and your art.

  • Quality Craftsmanship

    Framing can be a blind item, where it can look decent on the outside but is poorly done on the inside and on the finishing details. We are different than most stores because we are extremely detail oriented with the quality of the work we do and we take nothing for granted.

    We don’t cut any corners when it comes to framing your work. We make sure we use the correct adhesives, boards, get all the dust out from under the glass, make sure the mats are cut perfect and we clamp every single frame that we build so the glue cures properly. We pay attention to every little detail from start to finish so we can make sure your framing looks perfect every time and will last!

    We do all of our framing work on the premises.

  • How Do You Choose What Looks Good?

    The choice of how to frame your artwork is sometimes difficult. The right framing can make your artwork look spectacular, while a poor job can make you hate it.

    We have decades of framing experience and thousands of available frames, mats and glazing options. We have framed well over 100,000 pictures in every possible combination and have seen it all. So put our expertise to work for you and let us help you pick the perfect design. It will make a world of a difference!

  • Creative Magic

    We love to think outside the box by finding amazing ways to showcase your art and objects with the latest choices in frames, mats and framing options. We have also framed just about everything you can imagine from guitars and cowboy boots to Olympic gold medalists memorabilia. We have even made shadow box frames that have built in battery operated lights. We are always looking forward to a new challenge!

  • Museum Quality Framing

    Museum Quality Framing is often referred to as “Conservation Framing” which is a process of framing that is designed to preserve artwork over time.

    We do museum quality framing with archival materials designed to preserve and not deteriorate or harm your artwork. This is important because boards and adhesives that are not archival, such as regular mat board, cardboard and masking tape will damage artwork while it is in the frame. In addition to using acid-free products, we use a variety of ultraviolet-filtering glass to reduce the fading and aging of artwork.

    We care about preserving your artwork, so when you frame with us you get a job that looks great on the inside and out!

  • Frames

    We hand-select our mouldings from over a dozen different vendors to ensure a wide selection of beautiful, top-quality frames in all shapes, styles and finishes. Whether you are looking for a low-profile metal poster frame or a 24K hand-gilt frame with Victorian embellishments, we have it! We also stay away from frames that are made from inferior products like plastic and MDF (particle board). We make sure our frames live up to our extremely high quality standards before we let it go on our display walls or your wall at home!

    We have one of the largest selections of frames on display to choose from. Our collection includes over 2000 frame choices with hundreds of them in stock. If we don't have what you are looking for, we can find it for you!

    For more information about the types of frames you can use, please see "Frame Types" and "Frame Suppliers and Material Vendors."

  • Matboard

    If something is worth framing, it should look great and last. That is why we only sell acid-free archival matting. Archival mats are designed to last and protect your artwork for generations. Our diverse collection includes over 500 mats to choose from with most of them in stock. The collection includes everything from simple whites, bold colors, silks, suedes to hand wrapped fabrics.

    One of our specialties, that most stores cannot offer, is our custom printed mats. With our printing technology we can make you a mat in specific colors and designs. We also do beautiful hand painted french mats and fillets.

  • Glass

    We have an assortment of glazing options to choose from too! U.V. filtering is what we recommend to protect your artwork from fading and deterioration. We offer shatter-resistant acrylic and regular glass both of which come with U.V. protection and are available with the ultimate in anti-reflective coatings; Tru Vue Museum Glass and Optium acrylic glazing.

  • Fillets

    Fillets are one of the best supplies for adding an elegant edge to your artwork. A fillet is basically a miniature frame, offering a line of three-dimensional embellishment to any framing combination. The fillet can be used in two ways: along the inside edge of the mat, on the border between mat and image, or along the inside lip of the frame for a bit of extra detail along the outside of the mat.

  • Backings

    Usually the least-considered piece of any frame, the backing is one of the most archivally important. We offer an acid-free foamboard which is sturdy and lightweight, but will not cause yellowing or acid-burns on your artwork in the long run. For fabrics and other heavy substrates, we have everything from canvas stretchers to masonite and aluminum panels.

  • Canvas Stretch

    The starting point for paintings, canvas prints and the occasional piece of heavyweight fabric. We build a simple wooden frame, which is called a stretcher, to the size of your image. The thickness or depth of the stretcher depends on the size of the image, the amount of extra canvas around the image, and whether the image has a border (commonly known as a gallery wrap.) We wrap the canvas around the stretcher with just enough tension to keep the image smooth and even, and fasten it with staples along the back.

    If the canvas has a gallery wrap, it may be hung without a frame for a more streamlined, minimalist effect. Otherwise, you should choose a frame for a more finished presentation.

  • Fabric or embroidery stretch

    Similar to a canvas stretch, a fabric stretch entails wrapping the fabric around a rigid backing, though it is usually a thin fiberboard rather than stretcher bars.

  • Drymount

    Drymounting is a permanent process best suited for posters, display boards and bulk-printed items. We use a heat-activated adhesive film to bond your artwork to foamboard or aluminum in a large, high-temperature vacuum press.

    Please Note: Due to the extreme heat and pressure involved, certain types of artwork (e.g., dye-sublimation prints and poster paints) may be damaged in the drymounting process. For these at-risk media, we recommend spray-mounting (see below.)

  • Sewing

    For objects such as sports jerseys or small pieces of fabric, the best way to mount them securely is with a few strategically-placed "invisible" stitches. Using a fine needle to keep the weave of the fabric undisturbed, and using either an invisible or color coordinated thread, we put a stitch or two at a few select points along the edges of the fabric to hold it in the arrangement you selected.

    For tapestries and other large wall-hanging fabrics, you may choose to skip the frame altogether. We can sew small loops of fabric along your tapestry's top edge, creating a pocket through which you can feed a decorative curtain rod or wooden dowel.

  • Spraymount

    Spraymounting uses a permanent adhesive spray to bond paper media to a foam backing. Spraymounting is an ideal process for artwork that would be damaged by the heat and pressure of drymounting (see above.)

  • Adhesives and other fasteners

    We handle a lot of three-dimensional artwork and collectible items at Frame It, and we have several methods to ensure that your precious object stays secure and undamaged in its display. We are adept with silicon, epoxy and a variety of other adhesives for pieces which can be glued in place. If that's not an option, we can fabricate a bracket to hold your artifacts in place without damaging them. If you have questions about a custom mounting solution, please feel free to contact us!

  • Overmat

    This is what most people imagine when they think of matting a picture.An overmat, or passe-partout, is a piece of matboard with one or more openings cut out to allow the artwork to show through. In most cases, the opening must be at least 1/4" smaller than the artwork, so the mat can overlap all four sides to keep the art from being damaged. This rule may not apply if a float mount(see below) is also being used.

  • Float

    A float mount is almost the opposite of an overmat: instead of cutting an opening putting the mat on top of the artwork, the art sits on top of the uncut mat. When all four edges of the art are showing and the hinges (small pieces of secure, archival tape) are hidden behind the art, it appears to "float" on the mat! We slip small pieces of archival hinging tape through buttonhole-slits in the matboard to secure the top corners of the artwork. Additional pieces of archival tape may be used to secure the bottom corners of particularly fragile art.

    Please note: Due to the delicate nature of many two-dimensional media, we generally recommend the use of acrylic spacers to keep the glass from making contact with float-mounted artwork.

  • Double-mat

    Double-matting uses one primary mat in front, and a secondary mat which only shows 1/4" or so around the artwork. A double-mat is a very effective design tool when a frame just needs a splash of color, or when the artwork needs a bit of definition around the edges.

    You can get a more formal and classical version of this look by replacing the secondary mat with a fillet(see "Framing Materials.")

  • Build-up

    This technique can be used to add dimension to your framing. This is achieved by raising the matting, artwork or both above the backings to create more depth.

  • Acrylic/ Plexiglas Box

    The acrylic box frame is clear on the front face and all four sides. The back panel is typically made of wood, which we can wrap with fabric, matboard, or a custom-printed design for a backing which compliments the object being framed. Depending on the shape of the object, the box can be rotated to become a tabletop display case.

  • Floater Frame

    The floater frame is a good option for framing a canvas without covering the edges, or for creating a much slimmer border than most traditional frames. The L-shaped frame attaches to the back of the stretcher bars, leaving the entire front edge exposed. The frame is usually built 1/2" larger than the artwork, leaving a 1/4" channel between the art and the frame on all four sides.

  • Shadowbox

    The shadowbox frame is often considered to be a display case or diorama frame. Much like the acrylic box frame, the shadowbox is very deep to accommodate three-dimensional artwork and objects. Unlike the acrylic box, the shadowbox still gives you the presentation of a frame, with solid sides painted to match your frame choice.

  • Stacked Frames

    Sometimes your artwork requires a larger, more complex style of frame than what is available. In those cases, you can use multiple frames! Simply choose an inner frame to fit your artwork, then choose a complementary frame to fit around the inner frame.

  • Ready-made Frames

    Simply put, these are the frames you can buy right off the shelf. Many of our ready-made manufacturers also make the moulding for our custom frames, so we know that they are among the highest-quality prefabricated frames available.

    We also make our own line of ready-made frames from a selection of our most popular moulding styles. Search our ready-made frame section for our "Waban Collection" frames!

  • Double-glass/ double-sided frames

    A double-glass frame has glass on the front and back instead of using a traditional foam or matboard backing. The result is that you can see both sides of the artwork without opening the frame. This is especially useful for letters & postcards, double-sided documents, or if you just want to be able to see all the way through the frame. Since we expect the back of this type of frame to be seen on a regular basis, we pay extra attention to making it look as tidy and finished as the front.

  • Frame Repair and Restoration

    We do it all from simple replacement of broken glass to full restoration of damaged wood frames. Our expert craftsman have the skill to make most framing repairs. Services include structural repair of detached corners, retouching worn or chipped finishes, and recreating damaged or missing ornaments and embellishments!

  • Print & Paper Restoration

    If you have artwork on paper that needs repair, we work with an expert paper conservator who can repair and restore damaged works. Damage restoration and repairs including tears, scratches, acid burn damage, mold and mildew remediation and so much more! An evaluation will be done on the work to figure out the best options for your particular needs.

  • Painting Restoration

    If you have an oil painting that is dirty, missing paint or has damage. We work with an expert restorer who can bring your painting back to life. Restoration and conservation services including cleaning, re-varnishing, healing cracked paint, restoring dull or faded color, and mending torn canvas to make your painting look like new!

  • Upgrading To Archival Framing

    If you have artwork that was framed more than 20 years ago or has noticeable discoloration / fading, it might not include the proper archival materials to protect it from damage. Our expert services include checking your framing to make sure it is properly done to archival upgrades. Upgrades can be as simple as changing to U.V. filtering glass, replacing old mats, reattaching artwork to complete reframing.

    If you have questions about damage to your artwork or whether it is properly protected come see us for an evaluation.

  • Installation & Delivery Service

    - Great for all types of picture hanging needs from large artwork, heavy mirrors, photo walls to anti theft hanging systems.

    - Our professional installation staff will come to your location in the Boston/ Metro West area.

    - We bring all the ladders and necessary hanging hardware.

    - We offer adjustable hanging track systems for artwork that needs to be changed frequently without making holes in the wall.

    - We make sure your artwork is in the best position in your home or office, both structurally and aesthetically.

    - Rates start at $125 and vary depending on location of installation.